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Maureen Celata
Direct: 781-289-7500
Phone: 781-289-7500

  • Owner/Broker
  • Former Board of Director
  • Eastern Middlesex Association of Realtors
  • Massachusetts Real Estate Instructor
  • Certified Buyer’s Representative
  • SRES Certified

I have been in real estate since 1994, about 25 years, and have found this profession to be an extremely satisfying and fulfilling career choice. My career began at a local Century 21 office where practiced for approximately 6 years. I received basic training while a Century 21 Agent but I hungered for more. More knowledge, more experience, and more success.

A change in Real Estate companies was my only choice so I decided to move to a Re/Max Office. As a Re/Max Agent I learned very quickly to run my own business and of course as a Re/Max Agent I earned the majority of the commission, but had all the expenses as well!

It was in 2006 I decided to open and develop my own Real Estate Company and I named it, what else, M. Celata Real Estate. Reason being I felt that after 12 years in the Real Estate business, and after doing some extensive research, I learned I was already a Real Estate company, in my drive, effort and successes, but not in name.

It is my experience and length of time in the Real Estate industry which has made me an area expert of marketing, advertising, and selling residential properties. That equates to well over 800 properties personally sold!!!

Real Estate is my passion and because it is, it shows in my repeat business. Customers who I have found houses for and Clients I have sold homes for, are not only my customers for life, they are also my friends for life as well.

Since owning M. Celata Real Estate for the last 13 years, I have created a Real Estate Academy for many reasons. First, as a Real Estate Instructor I have the pick of the people who attend my classes. This affords me the best of the best!

Second, I offer FREE continuing education for my agents to make sure they are educated far and away from the usual Agent conducting business for their buyers and sellers.

As the Owner of M. Celata Real Estate it has always been, and always will be, an intimate and personal relationship to help you purchase your own home, which is the American Dream! To me, “It’s all about the Service.”

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